Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is it ever too late to start martial arts?

I just turned 25 years old in September and am looking to start taking Kung Fu. I Just moved into a new apartment and saw that there was a Kung Fu place right down the road. I dont want to look like an idiot going in there to get information if I'm too old to start. I took Shotokan Karate for about a year back when I was 13, but the place was moved to another city..I'm very interesting in learning more...

What are some people's opinions?

Kung Fu or Aikido...I know that they are two different forms, but am wanting to know which one I should do.

Is it ever too late to start martial arts?
Next year, you'll be 26.

And you'll be 26 whether you take martial arts or not.

You could be 26 and wondering whether you're too old at 26 to take martial arts, or...

You could be 26 with one year of Kung Fu or Aikido experience.

Which do you prefer?

As for which you should do, it's up to you, but since you've narrowed it down to two, you're well on your way to stepping into that gym.

Kung Fu is more elaborate, includes more strikes, emphasizes speed.

Aikido is a grappling and throwing art, favors simplicity, teaches balance.

Both are concerned with coordinating the mind, body and spirit.
Reply:Go with Aikido for self defense.

Kung Fu would keep you in tip top shape if you look at it that way.
Reply:You should do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu..!!
Reply:It's never too late. If you want to do it go for it.
Reply:dont be afraid to jump in and do it, there are older folks who still practice the disciplines, there really is no one theory of courses that is better or worse than the other, but carefully check out the dojo and its instructors before you commit to a plan, make sure that you really want to train under their master, that he/ they really know what they are doing, meaning that they are not an outlet to someones wanna be ego, and they are licensed and insured in case you get injured good luck
Reply:It really depends on what it is you want to learn, if you are looking for self defense then go with aikido. if you want flexibility then go with kung fu. Both have good points. as far as if you are too old to start there is no such thing. I am an instructor and i have people in there 40's and 50's in my classes. I personally like aikido. As far as not wanting to look like an idiot, the shcools are there to teach not be judgemental. It took time to learn to ride a bike martial arts are not different.
Reply:Well, I've only practiced Aikido, but Aikido would help you feel younger, because 25 is on average young for Aikido. The earlier you start the better. I practice Kokikai aikido and I love it. If you can find that style where you live, go for it!
Reply:25 is not old . dont worry about what other people think ,take responsibility for your own decisions and go for it . try a taster session in both and see how you feel . good luck
Reply:I started jiu-jitsu at 33, so no it is not too late.
Reply:I'm 50 and just started a year ago! Your a youngster!

Go try a lesson at both places and see which one you like best and make sure you understand the difference in styles between the two because they are very different!
Reply:It is too late to start martial arts when they put you in a box and plant you six feet under. I would try the kung fu place first.
Reply:it's never to late!

^_^ i would recommend Aikido for you.. i've taken it before, Aikido is a very peaceful martial art and it's also very practical! :)

Kung Fu might be too rough since you haven't been practicing for a while *I respect Shotokan Karate too :)* but Aikido would be a good 'start' for you again! ^___= you'll have a lot of fun rolling and swaying around!

then after that you can choose whichever you'd like more.!
Reply:No, it's never too late to start martial arts.
Reply:You are NEVER too old to begin your martial arts journey, and certainly 25 is youthful in comparison to many of the students I see beginning their journey well into their fifties or sixties.

Go for it, enjoy the journey, and have fun. You will love it.

Ken C

9th Dan HapMoosaKi-Do

8th Dan TaeKwon-Do

7th Dan YongChul-Do
Reply:it's never too late. Started at capoeira at the age of 27. been at it for a year now and fastly developing to a good level. even though physically very demanding it's very rewarding too. your body is never too old to be trained
Reply:Hey, when I was 25 yrs old, I started learning Wing Chun Kung Fu. And I was neither the youngest nor the the oldest in my class when I started. Now, at the age of 30, with a better sense of what I want out of martial arts (and life), I recently took up another style of Kung Fu called Baguazhang (kind of like Aikido, but more aggressive). And you know what? I'm still neither the youngest nor the the oldest in my class. So, I say, if you really want to learn, get out there and find what works best for you.

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